Many people find oriental decorations attractive and use them to brighten up their homes. From wall hangings to ceramics, oriental arts and crafts are favored pieces around the house for many years.

This season, I fancied an oriental-inspired quilt and found a free pattern from The Japanese-inspired quilt is complete with cherry blossoms, umbrellas and a colorful mix of fabrics creating a lovely pattern with a totally oriental look.

The quilt is great for hanging on the wall or draping over the couch. As the site says, the pattern could also be used with any fabric pattern of your choice, making it a great project that you’ll find yourself doing again and again.

This Japanese Afternoon Quilt is worth your time and once completed a treasure to have for many years.


Fabric A (Scenic) – 3/8 yard
Fabric B (Script Allover) – 1/2 yard
Fabric C (Orange Umbrellas Outline) – 1/2 yard
Fabric D (Green Cherry Blossom Stripe) – 1/8 yard or 1 fat eighth
Fabric E (Bird Floral) – 3/8 yard or 1 fat quarter
Fabric F (Blue Floral Texture Weave) – 1/2 yard
Fabric G (Blue Portrait Frames) – 3/8 yard
Fabric H (Blue Cherry Blossom Stripe) – 7/8 yard
Backing (Your Choice) – 23/4 yards

Cutting Instructions:

Fabric A – Cut two 121/2” squares
Fabric B – Cut four 91/2” squares. Cut four 31/2” squares
Fabric C – Cut four 61/2” squares. Cut four 31/2” squares. Cut four 31/2” x 121/2” strips
Fabric D – Cut six 31/2” squares
Fabric E – Cut two 91/2” squares
Fabric F – Cut two 121/2” squares. Cut ten 31/2” squares
Fabric G – Cut two 121/2” squares
Fabric H – Cut two 31/2” x 241/2” strips. Cut two 31/2” x 181/2” strips. Cut two 31/2” x 151/2” strips. Cut two 31/2” x 121/2” strips. Cut six 21/4” x width of fabric strips. Piece the strips together for the binding.


  1. Join pieces into sections  (Fig. 1)
  2. Join sections to complete quilt top.
  1. Layer, quilt and bind as desired.

Afternoon-Quilt-Diagram 1



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