Spring is the time of the year when we think about making changes around the house. With spring, you can start new projects or perk up the house with new decor.

I love spring because it always hints of a new beginning, and new hobbies, too. This year, I decided to change our dinnerware which we have been using the whole year regardless of the season. I thought of creating a more colorful set of dinner plates for each season. My idea is to stencil these plates with patterns that are lively and fun, and depict the beautiful things one can see in each season.

Painting ceramic plates is an enjoyable hobby. That’s because you get to unleash your creativity and use the plates for a long time. When you have a season-inspired set of dinnerware, you can brighten up your dining table and even add some nice decorations to your table setting to match your season-inspired dinner plates.

There are many ways to paint ceramic plates. One method is to use stencils to keep the design consistent and avoid smudging of the paint. When you use a stenciled design, you can hand paint or use spray paint. Either way, you need to leave enough time for the paint to dry before removing the stencil.

If you are good at painting, another method is to just paint the design onto the plate and wait for it to dry.

Also, you will need to know the best paint to use. Using regular acrylic paint and topping it with an acrylic clear coat will create glossy designs that are good to look at but not safe to use for eating. Another material is a no-bake ceramic paint pen which can be easy to use when making designs and safe to eat and drink from. But no-bake ceramic paint pen designs don’t last a long time.  I was told that using bake-on ceramic paint is the best as the patterns produced can also be glossy, the plates can be safe to eat and drink from, and the designs can last for a long time.

HGTV.com columnist Marian Parsons gives some easy steps on painting plates.  In this project, a stencil and ceramic paint pen are used. With these quick steps, you can make a whole new set of dinnerware designs for each season.

Materials needed:
Plain white ovenproof plates
Food and dishwasher safe ceramic paint (or ceramic paint pen)
Masking tape (optional)
1.0 liner artist brush


  1. Wash and dry plates.
  2. Position stencil in desired location on plate and hold firmly or tape into place.
  3. Lightly trace design with a pencil.
  4. Using a 1.0 liner brush, fill in design with ceramic paint. Ceramic paint pens are available for those less steady with a brush. If you make a mistake, you can wash it off and start over again.
  5. Once completed, allow paint to dry for 24 hours.
  6. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to bake plates and cure paint. Allow plates to cool.


Image source: HGTV.com