It’s spring and the beginning of a lovely season can also be the start of a new project. I like candles which I put around the house as they make me feel relaxed as I  sit and watch the candlelight glows and moves with the wind.

Beautiful candle holders are everywhere and some ideas are worth trying out. Here are some cute ones I found that can be decorative and fun to make:

From, some hurricane lamps were decorated to turn them into quick centerpieces for the table. Two hurricane lamps were transformed into Easter candle holders with a minimal amount of supplies. I like how the project combines the olive green felt wool on a roll with the wooden rabbits which can be found in deco store. Other characters can look good as well.


Another great idea is from Just Crafty Enough — the Stenciled Burlap Candleholders. The burlap covers hurricane lamps with images stenciled on them and this can really drive your creativity. Besides, the white, silver and natural color of the burlap is simply eye-catching.



But my love for antiques led me to another project, the DIY laced cement votive candle holder that is made of cement but with laced texture from Say Yes, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor. Even when it takes a day to dry the cement, it’s really worth it!