After the holidays, I was able to collect a lot of ribbons of various colors from the gifts we received. I decided to keep them since I can use them whenever I wrap gifts. But there’s just too much of them that I decided to look around for good ideas to turn these ribbons into cute decorations.


A nice idea from Martha Stewart is the ribbon bookmark,  which is quick and easy to make. It also makes a nice addition whenever I give a book as gift.



Adhesive ribbon

Card stock

Hole punch

Adhesive flower


  1. Place adhesive ribbon on regular ribbon.
  2. Trim adhesive ribbon with fabric scissors.
  3. Glue two punched-out pieces of card stock at top.
  4. Attach adhesive flower to card stock.

Another idea is ribbon flowers from wikihow. There’s just so many uses of ribbon flowers and wikihow shows some easy-to-do designs for ribbon flowers. I particularly like the candy-shaped ribbon flowers.


Ribbons of different colors


Styrofoam ball

Colorful stick


  1. Form loops by folding small strips of ribbons together.
  2. Glue these loops to a styrofoam ball until the entire ball is covered.
  3. To prepare the stick, glue and wrap multi-colored ribbons around a stick from the top to bottom.
  4. Insert the stick through the bottom of the styrofoam to act as a stem.